This is what our exhibitors say

Mr Matthias Thienel, Vice President - Destilla

We started our business in Iran in the year 2015. With more than 80 million inhabitants the Iranian market is really important.

So far we met our customers of the whole food & beverage industry in Iran here at iran food ingredients 2018. As most of our partners were invited personally with free appointments we're satisfied with both quality and quantity.

Our highlights this year are the new, innovative products we show to our customers and to see their satisfied faces.

We're happy that politics in Europe will stand with Iran and build a counterforce against the mistaken campaign mainly driven by the USA and Israel. We definetly will stay in Iran and stand together with our partners .

Ms Majid Beheshti, Siveele - Managing Director

We started to work in Iran about 8 years ago. There is a potential market in Iran, because dairy products are popular in Iran. So despite all the problems we want to expand our business.

As we have announced that we have a booth here at iran food ingredients 2018, most of our old and loyal customers came and visitedus. We have also some new customers who met us for the first time.

Unfortunately due to economic problems in Iran and new sanctions against our country, working with EU is getting difficult for us. We have problems e.g. transferring money and importing goods. But we are optimistic about the future. 

Mr Pavan Kumar (right), Galla - Deputy Manager - Marketing

We are active in Iran since 2007. Iran buys our product mango puree.

So far we met drink manufacturers here at iran food ingredients 2018.

We like the exhibition ambiance here and also the organizers are very friendly.

The current situation in Iran? We have banking transaction issues. 

Ms Sara Barkhordari, Arman Condio Parseh - Commercial Dept.

We are working in Iran since 6 years. It is a huge market with a high sales potential. 

At iran food ingredients 2018 we met our regular customers.

We are worried about the current situation in Iran at the moment and the way it will going to affect our business affairsin Iran. 

Mr Alain Roubaud, Sales Director Flavours North Africa and Iran – Mane

Mane has been working with Iran for many years. Today, both flavors and fragrances businesses are growing thanks to the increasing demand and qualified ventures.

This year, we met a lot of professionals and all kind of food business.  Mainly meat and bakery producers are present. iran food ingredients 2018 shows us that the customers are still looking for high qualified products.

Unfortunately, we found that a lot of visitors are worried by the political and international context. Nevertheless we must support Iran by providing them the best quality but we need the Iranian government and the foreign governments (US, Europe,…) to show larger flexibility and comprehension. 

Mr Ivo Gammarota, Business Director Asia, Pacific & Middle East – Campus Srl

Campus is doing business in Iran since 2016 and we are currently expanding our dairy division. Our innovative solutions are well accepted by local producers.

We deal with final producers, mainly for dairy applicators but not only. It cannot be complained about visitors at this very well established exhibition.

The customers know that they can find state of the art solutions at iran food ingredients 2018.
The current situation is not helping the development of the country but we are confident that this situation will not last for long.

Mr Sarper Demir, Technical Sales Engineer – Evarom

We are active in Iran for about two years now. The importance of the market is based on the fact that Iran is close to Turkey and has a large population.

Apart from that, our products are very similar to the Iranian products. Most of the visitors we have met at iran food ingredients 2018 were food and food supplement producers (end products) and seem like potential customers.

The current embargo causes problems for industrialists but maybe Turkey could become an alternative solution as supplier.

Ms Sara Sotoodeh - Döhler

We are active in Iran since 2007. The Iranian market has a high potential.

So far we met existing customers of the beverage industries at iran food ingredients 2018.

Highlights of this event are the meetings with the customers and also to see the understanding of the Iranian market of our competitors.

We do believe in the potential of Iran, therefore we have already decided to invest into a fruit facility in Iran.